Past Information

Solo Exhibition
"The sands of 10 days back"
Apr 28. 2018

Chateau Koganei Building UG, Tokyo
Directed by Miho Miyashita (Art Full Action)

Group Show
"Aruku Miru Kiku Miru Mata Aruku"
Apr 23 - 28. 2019

KOGANEI ART SPOT chateau 2F, Tokyo
Organized by all participant in "Study 5" of Tokyo Project Study by Tokyo Art Research Lab (TARL)

Solo Exhibition "The Meridian"
Mar 3 -  25. 2018

@BUoY 2F Gallery space, Tokyo
Organized exhibition by Noriaki Hattori, Yoshikazu Shiga (Sprout Curation)

Group Show  "JPN_3"
Jan.19 - Feb.18. 2018

@Sprout Curation
Artists | Hiroyuki Agetsuma, Shuhei Ise, Seiichiro Osa, Ryo Ozeki, Nakashima Norihiro



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Sprout Curation reEdit

A picture in Page 36-37
Publisher by Sprout Curation
Published in September 2017

Hiroyuki Agetsuma
Selected Works 2013 - 2017

Edited by Hiroyuki Agetsuma
Edition 50
Self-Published in July 2017


Edited by Qujila
Text by Hiroyuki Agetsuma and Soichiro Murata in page 46 - 51 of “Encode”
Publisher by Tokyo University of the Arts Dept.of Inter Media Art Executive Committee
Published on 26 January 2013

Parallel Lines

Edited by Hiroyuki Agetsuma,  Matthew Coombes, Jairo Gutiėrrez Feut,
Ryo Ozeki, Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo and Claudia De La Torre
Text by Schannon Connelly
Edition 230
Published in December 2012

Art award Tokyo Marunouchi 2011

Edited by art award tokyo marunouchi 2011 Exective Office
Publisher by art award tokyo marunouchi 2011 Exective Committee
Published on 9 July 2011


The museum of modern Art
Gunma, Japan

Museum News No.136
Text by Sachiko Nakajima / Page 4
Published on 01 April 2009


Fjørd / Noisferatu
Split LP

Fjørd / The Manifest, Noisferatu / All Hail Thee Radish!!!
Music by Fjørd, Noisferatu
Cover art by Hiroyuki Agetsuma
Released by Schallwerk Manufaktur 2016

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