Rainy land (Regenland)
Video |  01' 58" | 2014
Speech Grille (Sprachgitter)
Video / 02' 45" | 2012
Performance by Kristin Gerwien and Hiroyuki Agetsuma
This is the work from the anthology “Speech Grille (Sprachgitter)” by Paul Celan. Speech Grille is a word coined by Celan and it implies two states. The first state is that spoken words turn into a grille, and are confined in with each other; second is the possibility of words that have slipped through the cage of grille.
In the video there are a woman standing in front of the camera reciting Speech Grille and a microphone. The microphone is not able to seize her words precisely to record because there is another off-screen performer making sounds. The microphone is no longer a tool for recording. It is a figure, a dialogist, and a nobody.
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